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We pay good money to get your car with a quick towing service if you request it.

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We pay good money to get your car and we can arrange to have it towed if requested. 

How It Works

The Recycling Process
  • Car pick up (if requested) or reception: we receive the car in our yard.

  • Car identification and inspection: we identify and inspect the car for leaks.

  • Recovery of materials and liquids: fuel, oils, brake fluids, Freon and antifreeze are drained and disposed of, as well as hazardous materials (battery, mercury switch, sodium acid. All fluids are disposed in accordance with the provincial legislation.

  • Parts sales: the car is moved to one of our yards for sale of parts at low prices to the community.

  • Crushing of the car wreck: the remainder is crushed for transportation as necessary towards our recycling facilities.

  • Metal recycling in our factories: the car is now returned to its initial metal form, ready to be used for building new metal goods.


Used Part Sales

We offer a a huge selection of cars to pull parts from in a clean, organized and secure yard.  Our simplified pricing means no surprises. Consult our price list for more details. 


Sell Us Your Car 

  • Dial (613) 443- 2012 or email us at info@embrunrecycleauto.com and provide us with the following details (year, make, mileage, condition, is towing required). We will let you know the amount we are willing to pay for your car.

  • Depending on the arrangement, we will arrange to tow your vehicle or accept it's reception at our yard. 

  • Now the best part, we pay you  

Low prices. BIG selection. Simplified Pricing.
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